Before you read this consider the defination of the Renaissance, rebirth, and you will more easily comprehend the movement.

The Renaissance literary movement was a time of renewal of interest in classic times and literature. The focus was on restoring ancient tradition while moving away from the Dark Ages and progressing in intellectual discoveries.

The newly created printing press motivated authors to write in local languages (vernaculur) rather than in ancient Greek or Latin. This allowed for more readers becuase of the simple text and helped spread the ideas of the Renaissance movement.
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Many important authors such as Machaivelli, More and Shakespeare helped shape the Renaissance movement and make our literature what it is today. The Renaissance literary movement was shaped by the changing of governmental power and rebirth of freedom among the peoples. The social class also had influence on the type of writing and poetry. The lower class wrote with a different style and perspective on life than the upper class aristocrats.
It was evident the Renaissance movement brought a new wave of poetry and play writing to the scene of the 16th and 17th centuries. The main focus was on inspirational poetry and touching plays along with a few novels and critiques of the lifestyle.

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