Artistic Movements


A. Koff
M. Kunert
S. Ulrich

If you're not really sure about art, this will help you understand it a little better:

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external image elgrtr.jpg

El Greco, Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple, 1600

From the period of 1492-170, there were six main artistic movements in Europe:

I. The Renaissance

A. Early Renaissance

B. High Renaissance

C. Northern Renaissance

II. Mannerism (16th century)

III. Baroque (17th-mid-18th centuries)

A. Visual Arts

B. Architecture

C. Music

IV. Rococo (Mid-18th century)

A. Paintings

B. Furniture and decorative objects

C. Architecture

V. Neoclassicism (17th-19th centuries)

A. Paintings

B. Architecture

VI. Romanticism (Late 18th-19th centuries)

VII. Additionally, there is the Native American Art of the United States.

external image delacroix-liberty.jpg

Liberty Leading the People, 1830, Eugene Delacroix

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