Week One
1.The merry bard told us a whimsical anecdote.
2. The turtle took off with amazing celerity.
3. The carpenter crafted the quaint little chair with dexterous hands.
4. After shifting through extraneous facts for hours, the lawyer finally found some hard evidence.
5. The shabby drunk mumbled some incoherent ramble to the police officer.
6. The maladroit bumped into the wall and grinned foolishly.
7. The pallid youth walked steadily and confidently towards the towering bully.
8. "No one can defeat me!," declared the presumtuous noble.
9. With a mocking voice the teacher assigned Ramin the scrupulous job of this assignment on wikispaces.
10.To the experienced detective, it was unequivocal that the murder had been an inside job.