Prose-Short Selections

Welcome to the page dedicated to the comprehension of prose in short selections (hence the title!) The following are the titles of specific short selections that we will be discussing .

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Part 1: The Meeting of Cultures

  1. Section 1
    1. The Earth on Turtle's Back
    2. When Grizzlies Walked Upright
    3. from The Navajo Origin Legend
    4. from The Iroquois Constitution
  2. Section 2
    1. A Journey Through Texas
    2. Boulders Taller Than the Great Tower of Seville
    3. from The interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano
    4. Diamond Island: Alcatraz

Link Click the link! It will give you more in-depth details and explainations on analyzing short literature.

Prose-Short Selections: Works Cited

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